CD laddering

Long-term savings. Short-term access.

When it comes to savings, having access to your money is just as important as earning high interest rates. While CDs provide a low-risk investment with a reliable return, short-term CDs don’t tend to offer a high rate like long-term CDs — which tend to have higher rates — but tie your money up for too long. That’s where CD laddering comes in. By opening several CDs with staggered maturities, you can take advantage of higher rates with longer-term CDs, while enjoying added access to your money with shorter-term CDs. So, enjoy the best of both worlds, with CD laddering.

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See how laddering fits your savings strategy.
Create a custom ladder by dividing your money across multiple CIT Bank CDs with varying terms.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

First, decide how much money you have to ladder. For this example, we’re starting with $75,000.

Next, divide your money across several CIT Bank CDs with short- and long-term maturities. We chose 1-, 2-, and 3-Year Term CDs, so that one CD matures annually over the next three years.

CIT Bank CD laddering Step 1

Step 2

When your first CD matures, the money is available for any plans or emergencies. Use what you need and reinvest the rest. Or reinvest the entire balance into a new CD equal to the longest term in your ladder, for this example, a 3-Year CD.

CIT Bank CD laddering Step 2

Step 3

As your next CD matures, repeat the process. By continuing to do this year after year, you can maintain access to your funds while taking advantage of current market rates on long-term CDs.

CIT Bank CD laddering Step 3

Continue saving

Once all of your CDs have been reinvested into the longest term on your ladder (in this example, a 3-Year CD) they will automatically renew at maturity to keep your ladder going. If needed, you can still access your funds every year.

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Use any CIT Bank CD to build your ladder.

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