One of the nation's top ratesover 22x the national average1

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on balances $0-$250,000

1.30% APY2 for total
balances over $250,000

  • $100 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • No Fees to Open or Maintain
  • Daily Compounding Interest
  • 24/7 Secure Online Banking
  • FDIC Insured
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Interest will be paid on the entire account balance based on the interest rate and APY in effect that day for the balance tier associated with the end-of-day account balance.

Your Money Grows Faster with CIT Bank3

CIT Bank
1.35% APY
Bank of America
0.01% APY
0.01% APY
Wells Fargo
0.01% APY
National Average
0.06% APY

National average as published in the FDIC Weekly National Rates and Rate Caps, accurate as of October 2, 2017.

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for the Premier High Yield Savings Account

It's easy and fast. Get started by going to our Open a CIT Bank Account page. Then follow the easy steps to complete your application. Have the following information handy:

  • Social Security number
  • Driver's license or other valid state identification
  • A check or your bank routing and account numbers from the account you'll be using to fund your new CIT Bank Premier High Yield Savings Account
  • Names and personal details (Social Security number, valid ID) of any joint account holders and/or designated beneficiaries

Premier High Yield Savings Account FAQs

To get and maintain the 1.35% APY, keep your balance (this includes deposits AND interest), below $250,000. If your balance exceeds $250,000, it will earn a 1.30% APY.

After you open an account, you'll receive an email with simple instructions on how to create an alert that will notify you when your balance reaches a set level. It's fast and easy to set up.

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